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Vue sur le Golfe de Porto depuis les Calanches de Piana

Vue sur le Golfe de Porto depuis les Calanches de Piana

A must in Corsica with the Bonifacio cliffs, a geological site classified as a Unesco heritage
A breathtaking panorama when you arrive from Cargèse, then when you leave the village of Piana, when you find yourself on the D81 road between the red rocks, an unforgettable landscape that you never tire of. Many hikes and walks of all levels are accessible. The blue rocks, the dog's head ....
Do not miss the Plage d'Arone, the road of which is on the right in the village. One of the most beautiful roads in Corsica, which leads to Arone Beach, which has lost its wild side a little but is still just as beautiful with its turquoise waters nestled in the scrub.
On this same road, why not a descent towards the Navy of Ficajola with translucent waters, full of charm, for those whom the road will not impress too much.
For the more courageous, the hike of Capo Rosso, with the reward of an unforgettable panaroma for those who will have the courage to climb to the top of the tower.
If the sea allows it, you can also take the boat trip to the creeks of Piana, and the Scandola reserve.Many departures are possible near the guest house but also from then Cargèse. This service must be booked the day before at all costs. (see the partners on the home page)